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ICIGAI helps to plan preventive maintenance and automate metrology and preventative maintenance scheduling. We are simplifying the creation, control, and monitoring of work orders. Managing your more significant and most valuable assets and overcoming the effects of natural disasters.

Why Waste Time When ICIGAI Offers a Perfect Facility Management Software To Choose?

ICIGAI offers a wide variety of multifunctional features of Facility Management Software that will enable you to efficiently maximize your assets, ensure compliance, and lower maintenance costs without having to be physically available at your facilities. In addition, our facility Management Software helps to structure, organize, and run the workspace in a way that increases your overall efficiency and productivity. Our aim is to help you manage your buildings, spaces, and occupants more professionally and effectively.

Our purpose is to solve problems, document results, catalog issues, and maintain facility operations. One of the most significant advantages of Facility Management Software is to generate reports with little to no delay. These reports give customers real-time information in their business, enabling them to make more innovative business decisions.

Additionally, get a comprehensive productivity suite with advanced services. As a result, we manage your operations and workforce efficiently and create a safe environment for your facility management team.

Boost The Productivity Of Your Business With Payroll Services Shaped For You!

Make your critical tasks done in the right way with our safe and organized payment procedures!

ICIGAI provides Online Payroll Software Solutions in UAE, India, Brazil, Canada, and other countries through which you can quickly manage, maintain, and automate hassle-free payments to employees. Efficient, robust, and configurable Payroll Software Solution will help companies of all sizes maintain compliance with tax laws and various financial regulations and lower costs. Save time by managing bills and expenses, invoicing, and easy reconciliation all in one app.

Our unique solutions designed according to our customers’ needs will free human resources teams from everyday tasks to invest more time in budgeting, planning, and driving their business forward. Our efficient payroll software will help you organize payment, taxes, wages and develop a flexible pay policy, leave encashment policy. Furthermore, you can easily manage pay slip models, including basic, variable pay, HRA, and LTA.

ICIGAI Delivers Solutions That Best Match Your Unique Set Of Needs

Let us do what we’re good at, enabling you to do the same. ICIGAI will manage your entire IT functions to allow your business to work as efficiently as possible. Our Best Facility Management Software Solutions will help oversee the smooth running of your IT requirements. In addition, our IT experts are enthusiastic about supporting you remotely depending on the level of IT Support you need.

Facility Management Services At Your Fingertips

Our easy-to-use facility management service gives businesses and landlords variable access to a comprehensive suite of value facilities management services as and when you need them. We put quality building services at your fingertips with complete flexibility and give you instant access to manage your entire maintenance activities.

You can get:

Besides, we provide convenient, simple, and fast software solutions trusted by organizations globally.

What we bring to you

Repair and Maintenance Management

We help you keep your assets in optimal working condition and help businesses maintain their resources. Our goal is to save time, control costs, schedule work properly and efficiently to ensure maximum productivity in business growth. Our Online Facility Management Software in UAE will make it simple to submit work orders on the go, track the timely status and make sure completion.

Payment Processing

We assist customers in carrying out a smooth transaction in just a few clicks to boost their business reputation. We provide services that include authorization, funding, and transaction settling. In addition, through our Facility Management Software, contractors’ invoices can be submitted online, validated against contracted rates and applicable sales taxes.

Asset Management

Facility Management Software offers a variety of innovative features to store a comprehensive record of all equipment, including all work history, track and manage the maintenance, performance, and repair of assets. It also follows unexpected maintenance requirements. Furthermore, you can record and track the progress of service records, schedules for maintenance and equipment faults.

Capital Project and Program Management

You can easily handle multiple and extended projects that usually require planning. It allows you to manage budgets, plan new projects, renovation and expansion from planning to completion. Moreover, you can forecast project schedules by examining past performance and funding. Finally, track your business processes, expenses, requirements, labors, approvals, vendors, and other project information.

Document Administration

Upload, track, manage and store documents with our easy-to-use Facility Management Software. Storing documents will prepare you for auditing and go digital by reducing paper usage. In addition, with our centralized system, you can quickly plan, manage and control resources and capacity and evaluate the progress of your projects.

Time and Attendance

You can manage your company time and attendance data by automatically calculating working hours, vacation time, holidays, sick days, and overtime. You can also monitor and set time in, time out, and overtime. Facility Management Software Solutions are beneficial for exporting and importing payroll data, processing leaves, and handling workflows, offering a unique platform for accurate calculations.

Invoice Management

This Online Invoicing Management feature will give you the freedom to create invoices from anywhere. You can send out multiple invoices simultaneously, which will not only save your time, money, and labor but also paperwork. In addition, invoice Management Software allows you to store customer data, create new records, track your expenses, receive timely payments, import and export data from other files, track payment cycles, and save customer preferences.

We Transform Your Facilities Services To Keeping Your Business Compliant & Safe

No one else is yet unifying a digital facilities management tool! Transform how you manage your maintenance and put quality facilities services at your fingertips.

Let’s make data-driven decisions & get 360 views to get real-time insights! Together we deployed a field workforce worldwide with the latest and greatest technology.

Benefits Of Using Facilities Management Software in Business

Our Facility Management Software will:

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It’s an exciting time for us at ICIGAI. We are keen to shape our services and work with clients efficiently. We strive to set and bring high standards of Facility Management Solutions and are committed to seeking innovative ways that meet the needs of our customers. Meanwhile, our Best Field Service Management Software can make your business processes automate and run smoothly.

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