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We provide the best customizable & responsive Property Rental Management Software Solutions in UAE. Our solutions are designed and developed with the latest high-end technologies that can be customized according to your business needs.

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We Are Your Trusted Partners of Property Management Software in Dubai

ICIGAI is one of the most leading and renowned service providers for the rental business among huge technologies in the marketplace.

Our consultants help you boost efficiency, save time, and focus on what really matters. We support you in providing the best rental services to your guests. As a result, you can engage your customers much faster and more efficiently, hence avoiding the risk of losing potential clients. In addition, we provide all-inclusive, fully furnished short-term accommodation and flexible leases worldwide to maintain all the booking information in one single place.

However, ICIGAI understands that hunting for Short Term Rental Software in UAE can be stressful for you with limited, cookie-cutter apartment options and many hassles. Therefore, our Experts IT Consultants in UAE offer you a boutique perspective.

Inspired by local art, design, and architecture, we handpick heritage & offer wonderfully furnished suites for your fuss-free short-term lease. Meanwhile, Our Property Management Software plays a crucial role in overall success. It automates your time-consuming tasks more efficiently and completes most landlord responsibilities quickly.

Boost The Productivity Of Your Business With
Payroll Services Shaped For You!

Make your critical tasks done in the right way with our safe and organized payment procedures!

ICIGAI provides Online Payroll Software Solutions in UAE, India, Brazil, Canada, and other countries through which you can quickly manage, maintain, and automate hassle-free payments to employees. Efficient, robust, and configurable Payroll Software Solution will help companies of all sizes maintain compliance with tax laws and various financial regulations and lower costs. Save time by managing bills and expenses, invoicing, and easy reconciliation all in one app.

Our unique solutions designed according to our customers’ needs will free human resources teams from everyday tasks to invest more time in budgeting, planning, and driving their business forward. Our efficient payroll software will help you organize payment, taxes, wages and develop a flexible pay policy, leave encashment policy. Furthermore, you can easily manage pay slip models, including basic, variable pay, HRA, and LTA.

Why Short Term Rental CRM Software?

In addition, you can rapidly gather and arrange other payroll inputs in a couple of minutes. Evaluate gross salary, statutory as well as non-statutory deductions with the latest technology. We assist you in concluding the net pay and speed up your tasks, even the smallest ones, like Depositing dues, including TDS and PF, with our creative tools.

Transform Your Global Payroll Operations With Advanced Payroll Software

As the online rental business is becoming one of the fastest-growing fields globally, ICIGAI offers an effective Short-Term Rental CRM Software to automate entire operations for renting the products and spaces. Our integrated platform is built to connect the users who seek products or spaces for rent.

We bring your dream of building an effective online rental platform a tad closer.

Pick the Best Rental Management Software in UAE that meets the performance goals of the Online Rental Platform. Our awe-inspiring rental software solutions can give you affordable costs on each product and assist in making more money than ever before.

We supercharge rental management solutions with incredible advancements in technology. However, Our Rental Management Software can analyze the data and help run a successful business. We grow your rental business and evidence Rental Software Solutions’ power that meets your business needs.

Kick-Start Your Online Rental Business Venture With State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Our next-generation cloud-based Rental Management Software is highly flexible and customized for every type of Online Booking Management Services.

Our cloud-based Property Management System carries your business to heights with innovations and stores data of all the property listings, reservations, and guests in a single dashboard.

Our Products Are Our Yardstick Of Quality That Drive Trust

We bring efficiency back to your organization, so let’s get robust Property Management Software Solutions driven by trust.

With our Best Property Management Software, you can easily automate your vacation rental business. Get the native Property Management Solutions like Airbnb that help to perform all your day-to-day operations on the go. Meanwhile, handle all your guest communications, accept & decline reservations, write reviews, make changes on multi-calendar, work with your team, and delegate tasks effectively.

We assist to:

Besides, with our Short Term Rental Software Solutions, you can stay on the cutting edge of technology with robust solutions.

ICIGAI gives you complete control of your hire business, improves performance, and assist in growing your business effectively.

You can get an outstanding Rental Property Management System that enables rental property owners and managers to execute daily tasks like managing and tracking tenant information, accounting, billing, maintenance, and posting vacancies online. Additionally, all operations can be run smoothly with our Short term Rental Software.

How can Rental Property Management Software benefit your business?

In addition, Rental Management Software gives you incredible features include:

As a Rental Management Business, you likely have many customers, from property purchasers to dealers and even tenants – all with unique needs and goals. With our Advanced Short-Term Rental CRM Software, you can provide the high-quality service and experience they want and unify customer data quickly.

On the other hand, our CRM Rental Software Solutions can enhance your business and bring perfect solutions that help to:

Let’s Collaborate With Experienced Consultants To Get The Results You Are Aiming For

We future-proof your software to keep it flexible for a minimum of a decade. In addition, we assist depending on the nature of the product you have!

Get in touch with us &  let our technology-enriched software showcase your business as a unicorn amongst the other competitors.

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