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We navigate your complex international Payroll issues, so you don’t have to! ICIGAI builds an incredible workplace and grows your business with an all-in-one platform. We provide highly regarded on-cloud & on-premise Payroll Software Services in the UAE that covers the entire scope of the Payroll System and are strictly compliant with both local and global Best Payroll Practices.

Get the best quality services under one umbrella and enjoy a more significant competitive advantage!

No matter how extensive and complex your payroll process is, our Payroll Software makes it ready per the local tax structure, company policy, and statutory requirements with just a single click. Our ultimate goal at Payroll Solutions is to enable effective payroll processing outsourcing and embrace advanced technology with Advanced Online Payroll Software. We ensure that you get accurate and on-time integrated Payroll Software to manage every aspect of payroll processing, including expenses, income taxes, allowances, deductions, disbursements, another gratuity, etc.

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Make your critical tasks done in the right way with our safe and organized payment procedures!

ICIGAI provides Online Payroll Software Solutions in UAE, India, Brazil, Canada, and other countries through which you can quickly manage, maintain, and automate hassle-free payments to employees. Efficient, robust, and configurable Payroll Software Solution will help companies of all sizes maintain compliance with tax laws and various financial regulations and lower costs. Save time by managing bills and expenses, invoicing, and easy reconciliation all in one app.

Our unique solutions designed according to our customers’ needs will free human resources teams from everyday tasks to invest more time in budgeting, planning, and driving their business forward. Our efficient payroll software will help you organize payment, taxes, wages and develop a flexible pay policy, leave encashment policy. Furthermore, you can easily manage pay slip models, including basic, variable pay, HRA, and LTA.

With our Advanced Payroll Software Solutions,

In addition, you can rapidly gather and arrange other payroll inputs in a couple of minutes. Evaluate gross salary, statutory as well as non-statutory deductions with the latest technology. We assist you in concluding the net pay and speed up your tasks, even the smallest ones, like Depositing dues, including TDS and PF, with our creative tools.

Transform Your Global Payroll Operations With Advanced Payroll Software

We ensure your payroll is in the right hands! Do what you do best & let us worry about the rest.

No longer need to choose various hardware software, streamline all HR & Payroll related matters into one system. It manages your employee paychecks, complying with labor laws, and maintains adequate documentation in the meantime. Increase your financial health by reducing payroll errors and legal issues.

Get your payroll up and run smoothly with advanced features:

If your company is tracking employee information and processing payments manually, our Payroll Software Services could save you precious time, money, and a lot of headaches. In addition, let’s mitigate compliance risks with ICIGAI.

Critical features of a full-service payroll system!

Automatic Pay Calculations

Produce paychecks and manage payments in a couple of minutes. You can easily calculate an employee’s salary and compensate for overtime, double-time, bonuses, and more.

Pay Employees on Time

Pay your employees on time with Advanced Payroll Software to gain the trust of your employees. No need to lose your best employees! With our Advanced Payroll Software, you can get more productive employees and keep long-term relationships with them.

Tax Calculations and Filing

Payroll Software removes the tiring paperwork of taxes calculation and filing. Automated measures reduce the risk of human calculation errors. Automatic filing ensures company and employees’ taxes are filed on time. It automatically pre-fill in the tax forms based on employees’ payroll information available within the system. This prevents from submission of incomplete tax forms.

Direct Bank Disbursement

Disbursing monthly salary directly into your employees’ bank account will save your company time and money from issuing paper cheques that consume more time. Additionally, it reduces the risk of a lost cheque or fraud cases.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees can sign in to view their payroll history, track work time, attendance, and request time off with employee self-service. Furthermore, they can also complete and update personal information and easily access personal records, including personnel files and relevant company resources. Moreover, the employee portal addresses query that employees may have without constantly calling you to respond to a simple payroll question.

Payroll Compliance

Payroll Software contains the confidential information of employees’ including personal details and essential payroll details. Thus, our robust Payroll Compliance System prevent private data leak, loss of crucial payroll records, and employees’ personal data

Timekeeping Integration

Having hourly employees? No worries! Get great Payroll Software Solutions that offer a timekeeping module and easily integrate with your timekeeping software.

Why Choose US

Get A Great Business Venture With Great Payroll Software Services!

We built Best Payroll Software Solutions to achieve critical goals, including:

Meanwhile, you can get multiple services from our Best Payroll Services in UAE!

Offers Notifications

Our Payroll Software offers email, reminders, SMS alerts, and push notifications.

Offers Notifications

Our Payroll Software offers email, reminders, SMS alerts, and push notifications.

Offers Notifications

Our Payroll Software offers email, reminders, SMS alerts, and push notifications.

Storing Records

It stores records such as payslips and annual reports in a most trustworthy, easily accessible system.

Flawless Security

We offer robust security features, such as password protection, secure storage, and limited access control.

Plan Future Costs

Our payroll system provides forecasts by which you can plan staff costs and budgets effectually.

Employment Options

We offer flexible employment options in which you can perform payroll processes for both full-time and contract employees.


Switching from a paper-based payroll system to a more efficient payroll software system will save your money and help you utilize these funds in your business to expand and succeed.

Cutting-Edge Payroll Software Solutions

Automate & streamline your payroll processes from anywhere in the world! ICIGAI provides Best Payroll Consultation Services in Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Nigeria, UAE, UK, and other countries to help you avoid common mistakes. Meet our certified consultants and subscribe for a trial account today to get more information or get started.

Our trustworthy & modern payroll solutions are trusted by hundreds of clients! So let’s book your demo session today and get pricing details quickly to make your payroll processes hassle-free.

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