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Respond to your sales & marketing challenges with a range of proven CRM solutions. Our Best CRM Service offerings cater to CRM needs from small to large enterprises and government entities across multiple business verticals.

Catch our Best CRM Software Solutions & Services in UAE – featuring top CRM experts on compassionate leadership, flexible work, employee well-being, upskilling, and other timely CRM services.

ICIGAI provides easy-to-use Zoho CRM Software Solutions worldwide that allow businesses to capture more leads & close deals effectively.

Industry-Specific & Customizable Zoho CRM Software

Fuel productivity with user-friendly, feature-rich, and secure CRM Software Services

We help businesses increase operational efficiency, maximize productivity, and build strong customer relations, agent productivity, sales, and contact management with our Online CRM Software in UAE.

Put Your Customers First with Feature-Packed CRM Software

Our Integrated CRM Software builds your client-facing activities and communications.

We at ICIGAI deliver Online Zoho CRM Consultation Services in UAE, Canada, Egypt, and Brazil that assist to;

Additionally, Zoho CRM is a cloud-based platform that caters to the needs of companies and industries and assists in building excellent customer relationships, making your business successful, and keeping it running.

Delivering All-In-One Zoho CRM Solutions

that are highly customizable and robust. Get a 360-degree view of your client’s activities by the gold standard in customer relationship management software.

You can build long-lasting customer relationships with our expanded support, including email, phone, web, social media, live chat, and in-person meetings. Meanwhile, Our CRM Solutions are user-friendly and allow businesses of different sizes and types to leverage effectively and observe immediate positive outcomes on their sales operations.

How CRM Software Works

Top-Notch CRM Solutions adjust marketing campaigns accordingly to increase sales.

Get Seamless customer support services, processes sales, and schedule orders with us.

Why Zoho CRM Software Connect Customers?

Zoho CRM brings the best general-purpose solutions under one roof

Get a perfect view of the customer life cycle with the right CRM Software

Zoho CRM Software is an award-winning web-based CRM developed to retain, attract, and satisfy your customers. Cutting-Edge CRM Software Services will help your business organize interactions and relationships with clients. CRM Software Services facilitates cooperation, boosts efficiency, and increases customer satisfaction throughout their entire life cycle.

Correspond more efficiently, both internally and with clients, with Best Zoho CRM Software and maintain a positive, personal experience at every stage. Moreover, business managers can quickly assess progress and strategies for the future with the wealth of data and consistent reporting that CRM Software Services offers.

Also, you can keep track of phone calls, live chats, support tickets, and emails for every single customer. You can cross-reference with your schedule to plan appointments, meetings, events and stick to deadlines. This permits your team to refer to the Zoho CRM for direction, as both your client’s information and your team’s schedules are assembled in a single interface.

Zoho CRM Key Features

Relationship-driven Zoho CRM Software and Marketing Services that drive results

Intuitive software and trusted CRM tools will automate daily business activities, track sales, and connect customers on numerous platforms. In addition, CRM Software Solutions will digitalize and centralize sensitive customer information.

This easy-to-use Online Zoho Software will have all your customer information and interactions readily available and help you spend less time searching for customer data. 

Contact Management

Contact Management feature in Zoho CRM allows you to make entries for each of your business contacts. CRM tool organizes contact information to make it easy to search the entries again whenever you need them.  It will track your communications, their interactions with your business, the products they purchase, and the challenges customers face; you can develop one, single unified view of the client. This vital data will help in the delivery of excellent customer service.

Lead Management

Lead Management characteristics in Zoho CRM Software focus on managing, capturing, and retaining leads until they formally become paying customers. Lead scoring permits you to recognize which of your contacts are most likely to purchase your product depending on how they interact with your marketing campaign. Lead Management Software brings in the leads and instructs them through the process of qualifying and nurturing. Once the lead reaches a predefined score, your marketing team hands them off to your sales team, leading into paying customers.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation CRM will eradicate manual, repetitive, mundane tasks and automate them to permit you and your sales department to concentrate more on products and services sales process and growing customer relationships. Sales Automation Tools automate follow-ups, supervise your sales pipeline, send invoices and payment notices to customers, monitor deals, track tasks, automate contact management, and score leads. It will keep your whole sales process moving smoothly.

Deal Management

Deal Management Software allows you to organize, analyze, track, and prioritize every aspect of your deals. It permits you to observe your whole deal pipeline, including the status and progress of each agreement, contact information, and relevant details of every deal.  Effective Deal Management Software is beneficial for sales representatives who want to operate their deal pipeline, recognize new opportunities, and stay on top of every chance. Also, it improves team-wide collaboration and automates follow-up tasks.

Email Management

Email Management Software boosts productivity by bringing your email inbox and CRM tool together.

Boost your email management by connecting your email inbox with your customer relationship management tool, which means you can avoid the constant tab switching and be more efficient. Email Management System inside a CRM makes you aware if any of your customers have responded to your emails. With Zoho CRM, you can get immediate alerts from contacts and deals, reply instantly to emails, make notes when needed, and add follow-ups.

Reporting And Analytics

CRM Reporting feature helps businesses track their progress toward their objectives, identify challenges quickly, operate more efficiently, and sell wisely. CRM Analytics give your businesses insights into your customer service and sales operations. You can use this information to enhance your sales and marketing campaigns, make better decisions, and maximize customer lifetime value.  CRM Analytics assists in monitoring customer service efforts, validating customer data, analyzing customers’ habits, and create better leads.


Customize your CRM Solution to fulfill your business’s specific requirements. You can add new or alter existing CRM features to make your CRM a better fit for the needs of your business and to support marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, you can customize your CRM using the custom fields, layouts, buttons, properties, formulas, and workflows, as well as modify dashboards.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Features in CRM help businesses to automate, streamline and measure marketing activities and workflows. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks, including social media posting, email marketing, and ad campaigns, to bring a more personalized experience for their clients. Marketing automation software aims to gain conversions, personalize marketing messages, produce qualified leads, and increase operational efficiency.  

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM, a version of CRM Software, helps access up-to-date information about potential clients and makes the sales department focus on selling and nurturing customer relationships. With an advanced Mobile CRM app, the sales department can synchronize and update data on the move and share information with all the departments in the company. Also, sales team members can plan the day with calendar integration, access, and update contacts, leads, and opportunities from the database, generate reports, and access dashboards.

Connect your customers from anywhere, anytime!

Benefits Of Using A Zoho CRM Software

Advanced Zoho CRM Software benefits your business by helping you optimize, centralize, and streamline your communications with clients.

CRM Software Services provides numerous benefits to your business. Here are some key benefits of using Zoho CRM Software:

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