Zoho People
Secure & Web-Based HR Management Software

A Comprehensive And Customizable HR Management Software For A Seamless Employee Experience

If you have a small, medium, or large business, and searching software for Human Resource Management, then choosing ICIGAI is the wise choice for you to make. We provide Zoho People – a cloud-based HR Software specifically designed to nurture employees. It helps in managing the HR functions, workforce, and employees effectively.

Do More With Zoho People

Zoho People offers online tools for managing the complete HR process from hiring employees to offboarding, including onboarding, performance tracking, training, compliance, effective communication, time tracking, and advanced reporting. Besides, it provides mobile apps to manage the entire HR process from everywhere.

Industry-Specific HR Solutions Designed To Free You From HR Administrative Actions

Zoho People – a fully integrated and Best Human Resource Management Software helps you smoothly manage the whole employee life cycle and provides exceptional digital HR experiences to your employees. It ensures everything will be covered, from developing idealistic teams to strengthening them and keeping them occupied.

Furthermore, it provides organizations an intuitive platform for managing human resource matters like:

Simplify HR Processes With Zoho People

World-Class HRMS Software Make HR Management Quick & Effective

Zoho People Is An Integrated Solution For The HRMS

Your Complete Online HR Management Software

ICIGAI provides you with the one-stop solution that effectively streamlines the HRMS (Human Resource Management System). It helps to maintain your global data and manage all operations in your organization with the Best HRMS Software Solutions. Meanwhile, our HR Management Software incorporates a wide range of processes related to HR and can easily customize your dashboards.

Get cutting-edge functionalities that help automate the entire HR functions and keep them well structuredsuch that monitoring, reporting, and tracking could be made highly simplified.

Features Of Zoho People

Attendance Tracking

Monitor your employees’ attendance, time, absenteeism, and holidays with ease even when you are away from the office.

Staff Management

Call, text, or email team members within your organization rapidly from anywhere through the handy People-Locator tool.

Timesheet Management

Zoho People’s time tracker permits your colleagues to log daily, weekly, and monthly work hours. Track working hours efficiently and provide error-free reports.

Online Leave Management

Our simple and user-friendly online leave management module helps you mark Time-off and keep track of your company’s upcoming holidays.

Approval Management

The crucial role of HR management software is to manage approvals efficiently, making sure no one gets missed.

Keep Informed

Zoho People keep your employees connected through feeds where they can communicate, collaborate, view updates, and update their personal data from one single location.

Files And Forms Handling

Share files including policies changes and documents within your company. In addition, you can easily create custom forms with an intuitive form builder.

Performance Management

Zoho People’s performance management system is specifically designed for continuous and timely feedback of employees that help evaluate an employee better and boost their productivity.

Why Choose ICIGAI For Human Resource Management?

Best Applicant Tracking System to make better hiring decisions

We provide an online and on-demand Human Resources Information System to ensure system consistency, maintain your employee information, and automate HR processes. Moreover, it will let you reduce your HR staff’s workload quickly.

Ready To Transform Your HR Management Into An Enjoyable Experience?

At ICIGAI, our professionals know the significance of keeping a track record of the employees and their activities. Therefore, we deliver incredible Zoho Consulting Services in UAE that suits well to your business. All the features will be kept in mind during the consultation to make the best use of this platform.

ICIGAI is the Advanced Partner Of Zoho that would aid you in getting highly customized and tailored software to organize and manage your HR-related functions. So, let’scontact our qualified experts now and automate your operational workflow.

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