Zoho Creator-The World’s Leading Custom Business Application Development Platform

Build Customized Apps For All Your Unique Business Requirements With ICIGAI!

ICIGAI provides you the world’s best Business Management Applications with minimal coding experience. Build a high-quality application with our low-code Application Development Platform.

We provide cutting-edge Zoho Creator Solutions to consolidate all your data management, workflow automation, and business intelligence needs in one place. With Zoho Creator, you can manage and track projects, contacts, events, inventory, invoicing, assets, automate workflows, and more!

Build Custom Apps & Automate Business Processes

Let’s make a native interface with our fully managed backend infrastructure!

ICIGAI has the solutions you can rely on through your app’s journey:

Custom Business Application Development Services offers you seamless advantages over off-the-shelf solutions.

What you get from our out-of-the-box solutions

Own Your Innovation With Zoho Creator

ICIGAI is the Advanced Zoho Partner and Certified Zoho Creator Consultants in UAE

We help businesses search for affordable ways to enhance the efficiency of their enterprise functions. ICIGAI-an IT Consulting Company enables businesses to build custom applications with Zoho Creator- a comprehensive low-code application development software that caters to the needs of companies of all sizes (small, medium, and large enterprises) to streamline manual processes, reduce operational costs, and develop new efficiencies for your team.

Build User-Friendly Applications & Achieve Business Targets With Zoho Creator

As Advanced Zoho Creator partners, ICIGAI render full technical support and assistance to create feature-rich business applications while offering faster time-to-market

Zoho Creator Consultants delivers a simple and straightforward approach to building high-performance desktop and mobile applications to address diverse industry requirements. This platform enables you to:

Our Best Zoho Creator Consultation Services allows you to escape from application chaos by bringing everyday applications together and building automated workflows to save time and money. In addition, Zoho Creator Apps develops custom enterprise applications emphasizing providing high-quality software products for various business needs.

Deliver Robust Applications Faster With Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is the leading low-code Custom Business Application Software that empowers your business teams and IT to collaborate and offer applications faster than ever to drive rapid business expansion and competitiveness

Zoho Creator allows to quickly build enterprise-class applications that run on tablet, mobile, and web. On the other hand, you can create your own multi-platform applications in no time with built-in templates, an intuitive graphical UI, and a drag-and-drop design that work on all devices and platforms.

Transform Your Business And Develop Exceptional Customer Experiences

Technology that drives digital transformation by streamlining the way businesses develop applications

Features Of Zoho Creator

Get Zoho Creator- one of the soundest software for any business that lets you attain maximum performance with its easy-to-operate interface.

Following critical features of the Zoho Creator platform make it an ideal choice for custom application development.

Besides, Zoho Creator Software enables you to develop applications that operate on any platform with the least effort. This is because we, at ICIGAI, believe that customers are our biggest asset, and their preferences matter the most.

Why Businesses Use Zoho Creator

Simplify Application Development And Build High-Performance Business Applications Using Zoho Creator

Businesses choose the Zoho Creator platform to make feature-rich online tools to help companies collect data, make personal workflows, and set up their own procedures to help boost their business success.

High-Security Standards

Build robust apps with Zoho Creator to mitigate threats and offer high-class security and protection to their users. The platform eradicates all security and uptime worries for your data with utmost precaution. At the same time, it does a regular backup of data and is automatically updated.

Agile And Flexible Development Process

Zoho Creator delivers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build tables and forms. It allows you to create custom databases quickly without coding as the platform is flexible and can be custom-built to meet the specialized requirements of businesses and digitize your business operations without the hassle of conventional development.

Faster Time To Market

Zoho Creator shortens the time-to-market for new applications utilizing user-friendly form and offers an easy-to-use and flexible platform to build databases over the web that significantly reduces the development time. Furthermore, it empowers you to accomplish your time to market by providing an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to develop tables/forms without coding.

Powerful Workflow Automation

Zoho Creator- a workflow automation platform that lets users design business workflows with its simple drag-and-drop interface. It also allows users to perform various automated actions and create robust database apps efficiently. The rich suite of features including, access controls, integrations, and multi-platform support, make it simple to create workflows.

Access Business Data On-The-Go

Zoho Creator mobile app allows you to access real-time data all the time and enables you to stay connected to your data. It also permits other users to access, modify, view the data and reports anytime and anywhere via mobile devices. Furthermore, you can quickly receive notifications from apps and approve requests on the apps.

Develop Custom Apps For Both In-House and Customers

If you are seeking to boost the efficiency of your business functions, go for Zoho Creator, that’s a perfect fit for your business.

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