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Undertaking any project can become complicated, and at times, it becomes overwhelming. Reduce the burden by utilizing Industry-Leading Project Management Solutions. ICIGAI provides you Zoho Project Software with ultimate features to plan, schedule, and track project resources.

Switching to Zoho Projects From Your Project Management Tool Is Easy!

No matter what tool you’re currently using for your projects, Our Certified Zoho Consultants in India, UAE, Brazil, and all around the world can assist make the switch to Zoho Projects fast and effortless.Additionally, its user-oriented yet comprehensive set of remarkable features has been created to boost project management for your business.And, being the top certified Zoho Projects Consultants in UAE, ICIGAI can aid you in finding out the difference the software can make for your company.

Project Management Made Simple

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ICIGAI is a renowned IT Consulting Firm in UAE that provides consistent and intuitive software solutions to organize your projects smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it allows you to break down your big projects into sections to make them more manageable by the software, so you never miss a deadline.

Connect all your Go-To tools with extensive features include:

Connect the tools you love to Zoho Projects with native integrations like CRM, Accounting apps, and more.


Zoho Projects – a well-known and unique cloud-based Online Project Management Software that is appropriate for both large-scale and small-scale businesses

With its best features, Online Zoho Projects allows enterprises to:

All-In-One Project Management AND COLLABORATION TOOL

 Facilitates seamless communication,excellent task management,and collaboration among team members 

Online Zoho Projects Software permits you to strengthen efficacy, streamline schedule requests, boost productivity, and empower the morale of your staff with its powerful and feature-rich tools designed in such a way that they can be ideal to fit your business’s specific requirements. In addition, Zoho Projects allows:

Features of Zoho Projects

Enhance Organizational Productivity, Efficiency & Growth

Avail all the advantages from Zoho Projects – a cloud-based project management software and a comprehensive tool

Here is a run-down of the top-tier features of Zoho Projects!


This fantastic time management feature allows users to ensure that every task their team members execute is monitored and tracked.

It will help you:

2. Zoho Integrations

Online Zoho Projects Software is incredibly versatile and comes up withdifferent app integrations within its environment. These apps involve:


Use Gantt Charts to see all the activities and processes associated with your project development process in a more detailed way.

This advanced feature will aid you to:

4. Task management

With an online task management tool, organize, assign, prioritize tasks, and track milestones in one centralized and accessible location.

It will allow to:

5. Customizations

This online flexible project management tool will accommodatea business’s needs. Avail custom fields, views, and templates to get the correct information and more accurate reports.

This tool will help to:

6. Team collaboration

This onlinecooperation tool will allow you to work with your team members worldwide.

This tool possesses the following features:

7. Apps and devices

Zoho Projects accommodate for work-on-the-go with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Ready to reach new heights of productivity?

Take the first step in becoming more productive and say goodbye to overdue tasks and shuffling among tools to accomplish things.

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