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ICIGAI strategically moves forward your business with the best advisors and focuses on helping you thrive. We make accounting as simple as possible, from invoicing to expense tracking to accounting. So, are you interested in building positive, productive, and lasting relationships? ICIGAI is a part of your team & dedicated to your success.

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ICIGAI has an expert team that provides you with the financial picture with the accounting standards. They have extensive experience with all enterprises and in-depth knowledge of today’s accounting standards. However, ICIGAI thrives on maintaining and improving your accounting standards and informing you of the latest developments.

We design & develop the Best Accounting Solutions to support your growing industry efficiently. At ICIGAI, we help you every step of your way and take control of your business accounting & bookkeeping. Our Cloud-based Accounting Software will ensure that your business information is organized and protected and help your company become more productive.

ICIGAI delivers Zoho Books Software – an Online Accounting Software and intuitive system in UAE, Canada, Brazil, the UK, and worldwide. Zoho Books has all the tools you need to manage your finances and update your record efficiently. With our Best Accounting Software, you can keep track of all of your invoices, payments, and expenses in one place.

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Our aim is to take the pressure off by providing reliable Zoho Books Software, and we will make sure you have got easy use accounting system easily. At ICIGAI, you can get Online Accounting Solutions in Dubai, Canada, India, and many other countries and remain on top of your day-to-day activities. Zoho Books Software enables you to use state-of-the-art technology and seamlessly minimize manual activities prone to errors. Moreover, accounting and Bookkeeping Services in UAE are personalized and support you to grow your business.

Bridge the gap and add a layer of financial leadership! ICIGAI brings Advanced Accounting Software with excellent pros to get up to speed fast.

So, are you ready to get high revenues? Get ahead of the curve with ICIGAI – UAE based IT Consulting firm that ensures how your business stands up from the crowd.

End-To-End Accounting Capabilities That Automate Your Business Workflows

Zoho Books has an innovative invoicing tool that enables businesses to receive and handle online payments quickly and conveniently. Consequently, it saves both time and money. However, cutting-edge Online Accounting Software delivers beneficial accounting features the firm can avail to instantly verify their finances and control the cash flow.

In addition to expenses and unbilled hours, project balances, and income, both current and delayed receivables are presented in coherent graphs, together with the fact that this accounting software can be utilized for contact management purposes. Zoho Books offers various accounting reports, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and custom reports that permit you to use them according to your company details.

Our fully integrated and cutting-edge Accounting Software in UAE, available on any device, helps you in managing your bookkeeping with ease from anywhere at any time as well as you can:

Our top priority is to save your private data and information. ICIGAI offers cloud-based industry-leading secure servers and billing software that lock your business information.

Why Choose ICIGAI For Managing Business Accounting Systems?

Organized, Stress-Free & Reliable Business Accounting Software

Did you know that you can get all the accounting features you need from a single hub? With our Best Online Accounting Software, you have a diverse range of features and applications at your fingertips to invoice with comfort, track expenses, and bills, see your financial status, and more.

Business Accounting Software has excellent customization options and comprehensive financial tools, and it’s user-friendly, well-designed, and built to serve a broad range of users.

Zoho Books Features

1. Receivables

Manage your receivables seamlessly, send estimates, and even get paid online on time with our Cloud-Hosted Accounting Platform. You can also set invoices on loop for periodical payments. In addition, you can let your customers select the mode of expenses as they can do it via cheque, cash, or web.

2. Payables

Be on top of your payables. The intuitive interface permits you to generate and send purchase orders smoothly. Furthermore, it has a beneficial feature to increase your security. Once bills are generated in the system, the system will only do the transaction after getting approved by the concerned person to mitigate the risk of incorrect transactions.

3. Inventory

The inventory management module in Zoho Books manages accounting and inventory under one roof. This software will allow you to view the details of your products altogether. Also, you can customize the price list for vendors. In addition to, the software records modifications in your inventory in real-time.

4. Banking

Link up all your bank accounts with Zoho Books. This software will reconcile your records for your ease. Also, you can easily fetch transactions from your bank accounts. Furthermore, it allows you to manage transactions in bulk efficiently and keep an eye on every transaction.

4. Time Tracking

Keep chase of time spent on multiple projects from one single dashboard effectively. In addition, Zoho Books offers two ways of tracking. One is through a clock widget that automatically tracks your billable hours and minutes. The other is to manually log the duration of time spent on each project.

5. Contacts Management

With Zoho Books, you can store all your contacts in one location and find them easily with its robust search function and helps in easy follow-up. This feature makes internal communication easy as well as you can store and manage contact data in spreadsheets.

6. Reporting

Get in touch with essential details on your dashboard and instantly generate reports for deeper insights and accurate data. Moreover, Zoho Books create a cash flow statement or a balance sheet any time you want it. You can also make tax reports. Furthermore, schedule weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports depending on what you need.

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