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Get world-class Online Software Development Services in UAE to achieve measurable results! We work with our users to create Custom Software to fit their needs and debug & upgrade your existing custom software globally.

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At ICIGAI, we deliver various Custom Software Development Services and competitive values to clients’ projects by implementing top-notch Software Development Services tailored to clients’ requirements. Our highest standard of Software Development Solutions and standardized services will help you retain your client for the longer term.

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We help you to reshape your digital paradigm with the right technology. We boost your vision with our expertise in Information Technology, and Software Development needs.

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Grab our unique & Advanced Software Development Solutions in Egypt, UK & UAE to meet your specific needs. We are committed to building hassle-free solutions to reduce the complexities of your company and meet a dynamic business environment that eventually helps you for a better future.

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We offer a wide range of Software Development Services, including the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, maintaining applications, programming, testing, documenting, and fixing all bugs while creating frameworks and other components of the software.

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What services are you looking for?

If you are searching for off-the-shelf Software Development Services, then you are lucky! You got the right place. We at ICIGAI provide you extensive services, including:

1. Web Application Development

Take your business towards new heights with our high-standard Web Applications. We have accomplished milestones in providing the best Web Application Development Services and making setups more reliable, safe, productive, and efficient.

Let us keep your application safe & up to date! Our Web developers put greater emphasis on testing, change control, documentation, testing, and quality assurance.

2. Custom Software Development

ICIGAI develops Custom Software Development Services, including content management, inventory management, customer management, e-commerce services, bug tracking, and human resource management services. Enhance your business proficiency in today’s highly competitive market & meet unique privacy and security requirements effectively. Besides, we support and automate unique business processes with the Best Custom Software Development Solutions in India.

3. Mobile Application Development

We exclusively designed Mobile Applications for use on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and digital assistants. No matter your requirements, we will provide you Cloud-based Mobile Applications with bespoke and quality solutions. Meanwhile, you can get advanced and next-generation Mobile Applications with the most innovative technologies. Optimize your business processes and functions with the help of our mobile app developers.  

4. Cloud Computing

Deploy faster & scale easier with our Best Cloud Computing Software Solutions. We deliver top-notch Cloud-based Software Services, including tools and applications like servers, data storage, databases, networking, and software to boost your business productivity. Additionally, you can easily store relevant business data in the cloud, making your data more accessible and usable around the globe.

Our Cloud-based services enable businesses to focus their energies on their core business systems. We offer the most efficient means for small, medium, and even large companies to backup and restore their data and applications quickly and reliably.

5. DevOps Automation

Our DevOps Automation Services contains long-lasting benefits:

Thus, we provide Automated DevOps Services that enable you to automate infrastructure provisioning, core security tasks, testing, compliance policies, and configuration management techniques proficiently. Moreover, you can improve business reliability & agility effectively.

6. Software Prototyping

Our cutting-edge Software Prototyping Services will allow you to refine your product’s design and functionality, mitigate the risk of failure, and authenticate your product. We help you in designing a highly functional and intuitive app for a smooth user experience. In addition, we assist you in testing and validating a working prototype quickly for the customer experience, developing your product with confidence, and presenting it to potential customers.

7. Quality Assurance

Make your products bug-free with our Software Quality Assurance Consulting Services. Our Quality Assurance Services are fast, scalable, and adaptive to our client’s needs. Our passionate, vetted, and skilled team works tirelessly to reshape project processes to ensure they break through the traditional standards of Quality Assurance Services and develop unparallel deliverables.

8. Systems Integration

Systems Integration Services include improving product quality and performance as well as reducing response times and operational expenses. System Integration involves linking together several IT systems, services, and software to facilitate all of them to work functionally together. It also boosts productivity tremendously. Through system integration, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and efficiently reduce the maintenance cost significantly.

Probably you have also heard about Analysis & Planning Services, Designing & Testing Services, and Operation & Maintenance Services. ICIGAI enables you to consider each of the above services and better understand the Advanced Software Development Services.

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