A New Era for Global HR Management Services!

ICIGAI’S global HRMS processing made a more accessible, faster, and more secure HRMS system to achieve your business goals

Over a decade, ICIGAI has been comprehensively organizing businesses of all sizes, securing and protecting their HR systems through our robust HR Solutions delivered by our highly experienced and qualified team.

Imagine a seamless, automated, unified global HRMS process with a platform that provides complete visibility and a single data resource at every stage. From HR Management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, implementation, training, talent management, employee engagement, and data management, ICIGAI helps professionals manage the modern workforce. In addition, we provide a cloud-based suite of HR Management Software that organizations use to manage internal HR functions called Zoho People.

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Tedious HR Management System

Get end-to-end Online HR Solutions in UAE to hire promising candidates, assign projects, and perform appraisals from integrated applications.

You can manage various processes involved in HR and make every aspect faster & more efficient.


With our HR Management Software Solutions,

Additionally, you can provide a seamless employee experience through our unified HR platform. Let’s deliver exceptional digital HR experiences to your employees and manage the entire life cycle on a single user-friendly platform.

Why ICIGAI For Zoho People Solutions?

We are your trusted HR services partner in UAE!

Transform your employee experience and access the latest functions in HR Technology. Our expert Zoho Certified Consultants ensure that your business has access to fantastic HR support and advanced cloud-based HR technology while protecting your company’s confidential data. Our experience counts; we service thousands of employees in the UAE, Canada, Egypt, India, and other counties across government and private sectors.

Have trouble with getting a clear view of your entire HR system?

Let ICIGAI help you build your global HR system accurately with the intuitive platform and multiple business dimensions. Our Best HRMS Solutions can increase ROI and benefits that support your business expansion and efficient employee engagement on their corporate strategies compared to the traditional HR system.

We also provide implementation, training, and managed service for Zoho People Software. Our consultants will align your HR system according to your requirements for a successful implementation. Meanwhile, they will ensure you continue to get the best value out of your implementation.

From building great teams to keep them engaged, we’ve got it covered!

Powering the future-ready workforce with an end-to-end, AI-powered HR system built for the new ways we all work.

Attract, Develop, Engage And Retain Your Workforce

Manage onboarding, employee engagement & performance, learning & development, payroll, employee data & files, reports, and much more! ICIGAI puts the power in your employees’ hands! You can get next-generation mobile and cloud-based HR Management Applications with Advanced HR Solutions quickly.

Zoho People Software built for;

For more than 7 years, we’ve been at the forefront of talent and people innovation. Our experts are helping our customers stay ahead of the curve and profoundly understand your unique talent challenges and opportunities.

Together, we will execute hand-in-hand with you to bring an extraordinary experience!

Deliver Exceptional Employee Experiences

In today’s fast-paced world, the work is ever-changing rapidly, and so should your HR practices. However, our Cloud-Based HR Software is crafted to nurture employees, quickly revise to changes and make HR management agile and effective. Plus, you can simplify your HR Operations, retain talent, and build a high-performing workforce while putting employee experience first.

ICIGAI delivers unique, culture-driven solutions to all sizes of businesses to support their people. We have robust HRMS software with advanced features that suit your business needs: HR, payroll, talent, service delivery, and everything in between.

Tailor-made features of Zoho People

Zoho People can manage your numerous complex HR functions and processing with Advanced HR Management Features. It provides you comprehensive and flexible HR system to manage core HR processes and focus more on your people.

1. Advanced Database

Zoho People has a seamless employee database management system to collect data and secure storage. Set up your business and keep all your employee records in one single dashboard.

2. Effortless HR Management

With Zoho People, you can get all the Advanced HR Tools to assist your HR staff and keep your employees efficient, up-to-date, and productive.

3. Boost Your Performance Evaluations

Let’s change the way you work! With Zoho People, you can see positive employee performance improvements and get feedback throughout the year. Besides, you can customize your appraisal cycle.

4. Engage Your Employees With Self-Service Portal

With Zoho People, you can quickly build a collaborative workplace and allow your employees to thrive. They can not only track their activities but also their teamwork and work together capably.

5. Customize The Way You Work

Let us customize your workplace with extensive customization tools. Zoho People craft the system you need with fields and tabs and work the way you do that fit your organizational parameters.

On the other hand, our Human Resource (HR) Management Software has the essential tools to manage an engaged workforce.

Gear to the needs of your business!

We develop quality-driven HR Solutions and deliver unparalleled customer service with expertise in the field of HR.

Get Zoho People Solutions with best-in-class services from our certified consultants today!

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