9 Must Have Features For A Recruitment Software

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9 Must Have Features For A Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

With technology progress, both the candidate and the employee have different options to communicate with each other, including using mobile devices and web sites. But the key to recruits is to focus their efforts on the tools that can help them communicate with appropriate talents.

It is also necessary for those who employ, track and manage a large group of talents throughout the recruitment process until the appropriate talent is assigned. Candidates are often blaming the candidates for not providing appropriate communications and updates during the recruitment process. You can process all these complaints with employment programs and automate operations that are usually frequent and time.

But with many recruitment software options available on the market, it becomes difficult for the employee to choose a product that contains a set of features appropriate to help you overcome your employment challenges effectively. Many recruits choose employment programs without looking at the most important features, which leaves them with advanced technology that does not meet their real needs.

To help you make a wise decision when choosing the recruitment program, we have included nine of the most important features that any good recruitment program must have.

1# Automated Candidate Sourcing

Finding a set of talents and building them is more important these days. Today more than ever, there is a request to employ programs to facilitate the mission of employment managers to find the best talents and fill their database with high -quality options. Using the search features for automatic or semi -automatic candidates in your recruitment program, you can get more candidates than you can manually.

Automated Candidate Sourcing

These features can include the ability to import expected customers from any web with only a few clicks using the browser extension, or the ability to import wholesale expected customers and set them to specific work channels during the import process itself. Adding candidates in the program is one of the most frequent and consuming tasks for any employee, and any automation here can come a long way in providing your time so that you can focus on evaluating the candidates.

2# Intelligent Resume Parsing & Management

Intelligent Resume Parsing & Management

Determining the sources of the credit candidate will never work without biography analyzes, so biography analyzes are an extension of the previous point. Any incomplete recruitment program without a smart CV scanner.
Any candidate profiles you import from any web page or any autobiography that you import from your computer will not be useful if the information in CVs is not correctly coordinated and added in the program to the appropriate fields for them. This is what a CV analyst does.

After importing CVs, you can easily sort hundreds of thousands of candidates profiles and search them in seconds using advanced search options. This is a real enhancement of the productivity of employment companies, but these types of automated tools will not work if not all the information contained in the CV files is not analyzed and systematically stored in the program.

3# Job Board Integrations

The previous two points focus more on the aspect of the use of independent sources in the recruitment process, but job progress functions are no less important than searching for candidates for specific jobs. To do this efficiently, your recruitment program must be integrated with free and distinguished job panels. Perhaps the advertisement of jobs in work boards to attract potential candidates is the most important task and time consumption for the employee. If this process is automated, it makes their lives much easier.

Job Board Integrations

So if your recruitment program is combined with work burdens such as anti -monster or LinkedIn Jobs, all you have to do is spread your job once in the program and your job will be published automatically in all these job panels, nearby. For everyone. These sites manually and publish each job there.

4# Automated Email Communication

Email communication is one of the most important ingredients in the recruitment process. Good recruitment programs will always facilitate e -mail communications for automated transactions using custom email templates. All you have to do is prepare your email molds once for each notification and start sending emails. The next time you insert a candidate for an interview or submit an offer to a candidate, a dedicated email is automatically sent to all interested parties.

5# Extensive Analytics & Reporting

Extensive Analytics & Reporting

There is no incomplete program without analyzes, and the same applies to employment programs. As an individual employment official or employment manager, you should be able to see your performance and perform your team members easily. Analyzes and reports allow you to analyze the team’s performance based on the employment standards that you determine.

Analysis also gives you visions to make the recruitment process faster and more efficient. For example, track and measure the time the recruiter takes to close an open function. Using this information, you can find ways to reduce this time and close jobs faster. You cannot improve what you cannot follow, so advanced analyzes and mechanical reports are necessary in any recruitment program.

6# Post Job Opening

Obtaining candidates from other places is one point, but each company must have its own basic system on the web site to spread a vacant job and give the candidates a direct opportunity to provide their CVs and all other required documents. It makes the process faster and more transparent.

7# Client and Contact Management

The employees should deal with many customers and their job offers. Therefore, it is very important to track the sent emails and track customer calls and meetings for better service. You just need to set up once and you should get all your emails within the Recruit program and their attachments are automatically examined.

8# Custom Recruitment Workflow

Every action is different from the other. With this in mind, the program should be flexible so that it can be customized according to the needs of the organization. It gives them the ability to create their own fields in addition to customized flows.

Custom Recruitment Workflow

9# Boolean Search

The possibility of searching is one of the most important things that the program must have. It makes the process easier and saves time. WildCard search, logical research, joint research, and careful research are some types of searches that must be included in the Recruit program. It helps you quickly search the details of the filter with the elbow.

In conclusion, the purpose of the recruitment program is to replace most of the tasks that recruits had to do. Usually, the recruiter spends most of his time promoting jobs, exploring candidates, and communicating with various stakeholders at each stage of the recruitment process. These features help automate employment officials, providing them with time for the actual job to search for candidates.

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