How Zoho People can simplify HR operations for Business

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How Zoho People can simplify HR operations for Business

As a human resources team operating within a large company, it is not always easy to serve the interests of all employees. With rapidly changing workplace trends and employee expectations, you need scalable HR technology to manage your workflows and deliver the best work experience. This is where Zoho People, our comprehensive HR software, really shines. With a decade and a half of experience optimizing HR operations, we understand what matters most to employees and HR teams. Here’s how Zoho People can help your large enterprise manage its people in a way that aligns with your organization’s goals:

Upholds security and privacy

As a business, you need to protect every employee’s privacy, prevent cybersecurity threats to HR data, and follow related regulations to avoid lawsuits. Zoho People adheres to data protection laws such as GDPR to make it easier for organizations to become compliant. It also comes with a host of features to help you improve your organization’s security and privacy standards. For example, with a feature like role-based permissions, Zoho People ensures that only the right people in your organization can access sensitive employee information. You can define which of your employees can view, modify and delete HR data.

Provides useful workforce insights

Unleashing the power of data and gathering insights that help you understand what works and what doesn’t with people management is key to driving business performance. After all, employees are the most valuable assets an organization can have. Zoho People comes with a number of useful reports that provide insight into almost every aspect of your workplace. For example, employee insights reports show trends in employee onboarding, leaving, diversity, and growth. Likewise, performance reports can give you an overview of your employees’ progress towards their goals, the ratings they received during performance reviews, and the feedback they receive. Timesheet reports show details about project progress, how much time your employees spend completing a project, and more. In addition to built-in reports, HR teams can also create their own reports.

Offers a seamless core HR experience

To deliver a great work experience, you need to make day-to-day HR operations easier for employees. It will also improve the trust your employees have in your organization. Zoho People can take these operations to the next level by automating and simplifying every aspect of them. Your employees can mark their attendance through a mobile app, web app, biometric device, or even facial recognition. Likewise, they can submit their leave requests through Zoho People, and these requests can be tracked centrally and approved immediately. Employees can also view their shift schedules and submit shift change requests.

Simplifies HR service delivery

As a company managing hundreds of employees, you are likely to receive many requests and questions. Responding to them through email and paper-based processes can make the whole process incredibly exhausting for you and your employees. You may even run out of it when you receive an overwhelming number of inquiries. With Zoho People, your employees can submit requests and ask questions directly through the app. Tickets can then be assigned to the right agents for quick processing. Employees can track the status of the request through the process and even provide feedback on how satisfied they are with the resolution. Additionally, FAQs can be added to reduce the number of inquiries received from employees. Zoho People also comes with a dedicated HR chatbot called Zia, which can perform routine HR operations like marking time off and tracking attendance.

Supports meaningful performance reviews

It’s important to redefine performance reviews and embrace real-time feedback to unlock your staff’s full potential. With Zoho People, conducting meaningful performance reviews that help employees improve their performance becomes a breeze. Prior to performance reviews, managers and HR teams can gather 360-degree feedback so they have enough information to provide constructive, unbiased reviews. They can also better track their employees’ progress toward their goals and KRAs, as well as their skills. Additionally, employees can also provide feedback on how their performance reviews were handled and request to rerun them if they are not satisfied with the outcome.

Facilitates flexible training sessions

Conducting training and development programs after performance reviews is equally essential to improve your talent management strategies. Zoho People has everything your organization needs to serve the diverse learning needs of your workforce. For instance, Zoho People supports different learning styles, including self-paced, instructor-led, and blended learning, so that employees can learn in a way that works best for them. You can draft clear learning plans to help employees take a systematic approach towards training. Zoho People also provides insights about every aspect of the training so that you know which of your training programs are working and what employees expect from the programs.

Keeps employees engaged

Engaged employees are invested in their work and committed to moving the organization forward. Zoho People has several elements to boost employee engagement and foster a good relationship between employees and employers. For example, the case management system allows HR teams to efficiently manage requests and employees can easily check the status of their requests. Zoho People also enables HR teams to conduct employee engagement surveys to understand what employees think of a particular initiative, receive feedback, and measure their satisfaction and engagement levels. The internal chat system and live broadcasts help employees stay connected and generate new ideas.

Integrates with useful third-party applications

Your employees don’t want to log into multiple systems to perform HR tasks. That’s why Zoho People seamlessly integrates with various Zoho apps and other third-party services, including Zoho Sign, Zoho Projects, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Payroll, Zoho Analytics, Xoxoday, Microsoft Teams, and more. For example, with Zoho Payroll integration, data required for payroll operations, such as attendance data, leave data, and missed pay, can be pulled from Zoho People. With Microsoft Teams integration, employees can perform their day-to-day HR operations from within Microsoft Teams.

Easy to implement

We offer enterprise-level support to help HR teams adopt Zoho People for their HR operations. Our product experts take the time to understand your processes and needs as you customize and configure the system for your organization. Moreover, our dedicated support team offers 24/7 support through various channels to ensure that you can use Zoho People without any hassle.

Wrapping Up

As an HR technology tool, Zoho People has all the features to streamline your HR operations so you can focus on other strategic initiatives like attracting and retaining top talent and boosting business performance. We hope this blog post has given you a clear idea of how Zoho People can simplify HR operations for your large company!

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